Shia Wong Hip – Something You Have Never Eaten Before

16 September 2015

Frankly speaking, this post is not crystally fair. I reckon I have eaten the snake soup before. But visiting the Shia Wong Hip restaurant in Apliu Street was the highlight of our Sham Shui Po walk on September 16. Scary, exciting, all about food and not at all about food photography (which I am anyway not a big fan of, anyway).

The world is always a fight. Be the first to eat your enemy before you get swolen yourself. Or at least keep your enemy preserved in alcohol, its sight will give you courage.

A good thing about snakes is that unlike most other types of food, you don’t need a fridge to keep them. A wooden cabinet with locked drawers will do the job. Keeping snakes at home is safe and easy. Their calming rustle at night will make you sleep peacefully and light-hearted.

Snakes are not only for food, they are for fun as well. Never play with your food! is a great rule but it has nothing to do with snakes. Take them, pat them, play with them! They are affectionate and tender mates.

Look for yourself, isn’t she cute? Enjoy the company! You may always eat her later.

Same as people, snakes need food before they become food themselves. Be a careful owner and always make sure you have a big enough population of mice in your household. Mice in turn also need food, so you will have to take care of the entire food chain. Being responsible pays for itself, you may keep some mice for your own feast.

National Geographic magazine is performing an interesting research about supplying sufficient food for ever growing human population. People are about to face a new food crisis by the mid-century as the traditional sources reach their natural limits. Reptiles and insects may indeed become vital in avoiding the catastrophe. No kidding.

And when that day comes, see you all at Shia Wong Hip restaurant!